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Beyonce’s pregnancy, Johnny Depp’s problems, royal couples’ troubles…The everyday life and behind the scenes events of celebrities are the subject of a big interest that does not fade. How to explain this craze?  Because it makes us dream! This is the most spontaneous answer of all those who confess a certain fascination for celebrities. Seeing actresses snorting in turquoise and translucent waters in February while the dominant color here is inevitably gray, it should and it might annoy us a little, but it also makes us think that it is possible, that there is a good life to be experienced elsewhere!


David Beckham



Johnny Depp

The pros and cons of being famous

Fame is a dream for many

Fame is a dream for many

Ah, to be famous…Who has never dreamed of being loved unconditionally, to live in dream villas, to travel around the world anytime, to have a constantly full bank account…

A life under the spotlights

A life under the spotlights

…except that living perpetually under the spotlight, in the long run, it wears you. To be famous is also to experience loneliness and lose in normal life. So, is fame life as straightforward as you thought?

Celebrities are chased everywhere

Celebrities are chased everywhere!

The stars are rarely fans of paparazzi who stick to the basques all day long. Some try to escape by hiding. more or less brilliantly. And you, will you be as insightful as those photo hunters?

Celebrities fashion

Celebrities fashion

Discover the fashion as seen by the stars: discover the new trends launched by the peoples, their different looks & styles, their favorite accessories and their favorite designers …

Red carpet outings

Red carpet outings

Countdown, complete and ultra-high coverage of celebrity outings with multiple angles of views. We create a platform of information and never let go of any red carpet news.

Celebrity followers platforms

Celebrity followers platforms

We easily handle the codes of the generation of digital natives, the gif, tumblr, moodboards and social media platforms and digest fame fro you to bring you our own analysis.

Celebrity make-up looks

Learn how to look like your favourite star with the right shade of lipstick, the exact eyeliner shape and the right eyelash extension and do it the right way with the help of specialists like This will help you shop your favourite celebrity makeup products and steal style trends from some of the best hair and makeup looks of celebs. Also, you can recreate some of the most stylish looks as spotted on the celebrities who wore them best.

Fermentum mollis

They are between 18 and 90 years old, they are singers, actors or photographers and all have one thing in common: a stylish and unique look.

Fermentum mollis

The most beautiful red carpet dresses, the best pregnancy looks and the best evening outfits are to be discovered in our star looks.


Fermentum mollis

Want to copy the look of Ariana Grande, Kate Middleton or Gigi Hadid? Nothing is easier with our decryptions of their fashion evolutions.

Celebrities gossip and behind the scenes events

Every day, all celebrity news, gossip, rumors, backstage activities, breakups and more...

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Stars fashion and stylish outings

Fashion and the world of celebrities are our number one passion. We are passionate people, we retain the information and we try to make celebrities’ fashion intelligible to all via original contents.

Stars turned into designers

Singers, actors or even high-level sportsmen, many have, in recent years, wanted to slip into the shoes of a fashion designer, for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Eternally young stars

They may shine with beauty and elegance at 40 or 50 years old…It always seems that they have 10 years less! Discover with us the beauty tips of these eternal young celebrities…