Celebrity cosmetics

Eyelash extensions for a glamorous look !

Eyelash extensions are individually applied fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes to temporarily in order to add more length and volume. Far from the false eyelashes to glue that made you happy in adolescence, eyelash extensions can offer…

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Who are the most famous celebrities who have opted for cosmetic surgeries?

All stars tend to use a plastic surgery professional to have a body of a goddess. Some celebrities who are addicted to eyelash extension make a resolution to opt for cosmetic surgery. Visit https://misencil.com if you wish to learn further more information about…

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Who are the female stars that have the best eyelashes

In general, stars have to look nice for the red carpet. Famous actresses tend to use eyelash extensions products to avoid being ugly because celebrities must always be beautiful and attractive. Many singers and actresses use an eyelash extension to have a face that…

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Dress your makeup like Kim Kardashian

The name of Kim Kardashian is on everyone’s lips and the young woman is present at each of the most prominent events of the moment: she is an undisputed star of the American reality show! Kim Kardashian last excels in…

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Celebrity make-up: how to do it the right way?

At every VIP event, the stars get dolled up to show off their radiance on the red carpet and make you dream. Celebrity make-up is the stars singularity. How to do a celebrity makeup? Makeup has two goals: to correct imperfections and…

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