All the earrings that fit your looks !

For you, whether you have pierced ears or not; the earrings are there to perfect your outfit. Earrings, sleepers, dangle earrings; creoles ... A multitude of jewels exist to accessories your looks to envy!

What form of earrings to adopt?

You do not usually change earrings every day? Opt for ear fleas also known as ear studs. These little jewels do not exceed your lobes and thus avoid getting caught in your hair or embarrass you to sleep. Speaking of sleep, do you know sleepers? These buckles take their name from the fact that they can be kept during sleep because their clasp does not open alone and it is impossible to lose them. Sleeping earrings are particularly recommended for children and people who are often prone to drilling holes that close quickly. Fan of bigger earrings? Choose Creoles. Of various sizes, these rings as their name suggests come from the West Indies and Africa. Today, they have become a staple of jewelry. To accessorize your looks, you also have the choice with the dangle earrings. Of all shapes and sizes, these fancy earrings are here to pimp your outfit! Ears not pierced? The clips are your friends! Of all sizes and all prices, the clips for non-pierced ears allow accessorizing your outfits without going through the piercing box. You have found the form that suits you? Let's move on to the subject to privilege.

Earrings in silver, gold or fantasy: what material to choose?

You have a small budget? Opt for the fancy earrings. In metal, fancy jewelry is often treated to prevent oxidation. Be careful however, buying them not to make allergic reactions. Between two budgets, you bet on money. This noble material also avoids allergic reactions and does not deteriorate much. Gold, silver or steel ... Many variations are available in jewelry. If you tend to have allergic reactions, we advise you to choose gold or gold plated. It's up to you to see if you prefer to wear yellow gold, white gold or rose gold earrings. The other advantage of this noble metal is that it ages well. There is little chance of finding yourself with green ear lobes and having to separate yourself from your favorite earrings. Also discover how to clean your jewelry. Once the shape and material chosen, we go to the choice of stone: diamond, pearls, semi-precious stones ... Or to be more original feather. You choose the style from chic, modern, classic, trendy or ethnic earrings.
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