Luxury bags : 20 classics are essential!

Whether it is Lady Dior, Speedy or Kelly, all names that evoke, for the connoisseurs, an absolute dream: own, one day, a mythical bag. Dior, Chanel, Lancel or Longchamp, we go around the big brands to find the must-have luxury bags. There are trendy shoe crazies and there are those who are crazy about handbags. In these niches, there is no harm in dreaming. The price may cool but there is, perhaps, an opportunity to afford or be offered a beautiful handbag. And then, when you think about it, is not it better to invest once and for all in a purse that has been proven rather than crack each season on a model? To complete the list of your desires (you never know you could win the lottery), we went around the biggest brands and we selected the most iconic bags.

What are the brands of luxury bags?

They are beautiful. They make us drool. The luxury bags, we see them in the most beautiful windows, the arms of people (see the bags of Blake lively), in all advertisements. And we are drooling. If you are looking for a shop to find a luxury bag, you will be served. Many luxury homes make reference in this area. Starting with Dior, Chanel, Prada, Chloé, Céline or Gucci, there are many houses that scroll on Fashion Week offer luxury leather goods.

What are the must-have luxury bags?

Like the essential rings, there are timeless and timeless bags. They have been there forever. Sometimes they are older than you. But, these luxury bags go through the years without getting a wrinkle. Chanel's 2.55, Dior's Lady Dior, Celine's Luggage, Lancel's Eight, all the essential bags you can add to your list of desires. And know that in the family of iconic bags, there is also the affordable. The Longchamp Folder, the Vanessa Bruno Tote or the Gerard Darel 24h, are for example. To make you salivate or inspire you, find 20 models of luxury bags that make you want. At worst, if you cannot afford it, you can always try to rent a luxury bag, it's still small effect!
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