Dress your makeup like Kim Kardashian

The name of Kim Kardashian is on everyone's lips and the young woman is present at each of the most prominent events of the moment: she is an undisputed star of the American reality show! Kim Kardashian last excels in the art of putting on makeup to showcase her natural beauty. His makeup gives him a perfect face. To discover his secret, read the following tips.

The countouring technique: the foundation duo

This makeup technique consists in correcting and structuring the face by playing with a duo of foundation. Ideal for parties, it provides a fine nose and prominent cheekbone. She became popular thanks to a photo posted by Kim Kardashian on the famous Twitter social network. Start by applying a base cream on your entire face for a better fit. Then choose the first foundation. This must be three shades darker than your natural skin color (or even brown). Apply it with a blush brush on the upper forehead at a height of 2 cm from the hairline. Also put on the level of the hollow of the cheeks starting from the ears towards the mouth. Then draw two fine lines from the tips of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose. Then spread the second foundation that is lighter (the same tone or tone lighter than your natural skin tone) on the rest of your face by emphasizing the cheekbones.

The countouring technique: the mixture

Now you go to the mix stage of the duo. For this, take a latex sponge. Bring the dark lightly towards the light while making sure to fade by tapping. Make sure there is no demarcation. For a perfect finish, use a colorless powder on the entire face, being careful not to move the colors. Wipe off small surpluses with a brush.

A discreet eye makeup

Start with a fine line of eyeliner flush with your upper lashes. On the entire eyelid, apply a light brown paint. Then, put on a darker tone at the level of the eyelid. Continue with an intermediate shade between the two above on the outer half of the eyelid, extending to the lower lashes. Pair up by putting a touch of beige or gold on the inner corner of the eye. Finish with the application of mascara.

Nude lips.

You have understood, the technique of contouring is a method thanks to which you will not go unnoticed. However, it is better not to overdo it for make-up of eyes and lips. For the latter, opt for a slight touch of brilliance. Prefer gloss of nude color such as apricot or peach.
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