Children of stars: the most original names

Published on : 29 April 20193 min reading time

Question names, if some stars prefer rather classic names for their offspring (George, Charlotte and Louis are the most obvious examples), others are very imaginative and choose names quite unexpected and often very pretty. Because in Hollywood, the most important thing is; you have to know how to stand out, at the risk of giving a name difficult to bear to his child. But by dint of seeing these children in photo, to hear about it, we got used to these names and these little blond heads sometimes just as famous as their parents.

Some parents chose to give a religious name, others to honor an ancestor. Sometimes it is a pure creation or a reference to popular culture. These children of stars are called Shiloh, Mowgli, Scout LaRue, Prince, Kal-El or Marquise, and bear famous surnames. Who has the most extravagant name? And above all, what meaning is behind? The answer is in pictures with the first names of children of the most original stars.


Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson had a son in 2008 and decided to call him Bronx Mowgli, because according to Dad, “The Jungle Book is something that has created bonds between Ashlee and [him]. It’s very cool. ”


Beyoncé and Jay-Z chose this name for their daughter, born in 2012, because it is full of symbols. “Blue” would refer to Jay Z’s “The Blueprint” albums and “Ivy” represents Beyoncé’s lucky number, 4, in Roman (IV).


Angelina Jolie adopts Maddox in 2002, in Cambodia. Originally, the boy is called Rath Vibol, but the actress decides to baptize Maddox, and launches the series of male names ending with an x ​​for his children.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have done well for their three children. Their eldest is called North West, so “north west”. Their son is modestly named Saint, and their youngest daughter is named Chicago, the rapper’s hometown.


The little Suri bears her name wonderfully, since it means “princess” in Hebrew. A perfect choice for the little girl, slightly capricious!


Victoria and David Beckham did not look far for the name of their first son. They simply gave him the name of the city where it was designed: Brooklyn!


The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer, inaugurated a tradition between the couple: that of naming their daughters as Lucky Luke’s cabaret dancers.


If Paris Hilton maintains that Michael Jackson called his daughter Paris to honor him, Paris Jackson’s mother, Debbie Rowe, said it was a tribute to our capital. Cocorico!

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