What are the virtues of amethyst stone on body and mind?

Virtues of amethyst stone

The stone has similar qualities to quartz in terms of crystals and structure except for the colour, which is violet. This precious stone has been held with high regard over centuries, primarily due to its beauty and the powers it holds on the overall well-being of the holder’s mind and body. This is why it held the same value as a diamond at some point in history. You can tap into these benefits if you get your hands on the stone at www.minerals-kingdom.com. Here are some of its

Virtues on your mind and body.

Purification and Soothing

The precious stone is used in litho therapy for its purifying and soothing abilities. Users rely on it to relieve the effects of stress and enhance quality sleep if suffering from insomnia. Where one is having problems focusing on specific work, the stone can help in promoting concentration and focusing on one’s thoughts. Most people use it when sitting for an exam or interview so that they can put their minds on one issue. Where the hustle and the bustle of daily lives lead to wandering thoughts, the stone can help in finding balance and a frame of thoughts.

Dispel Bad Thoughts and Sharpen Intelligence

Bad thoughts are usually a product of negative energy that takes hold of our minds. These thoughts may lead to several wrongs that include hatred, jealousy, fear, insecurity and immorality. By using the stone regularly, the user can clean his or her thoughts and project positive energy to people who are interacting with him or her. Positive thoughts exude positive energy and attract the same to one’s life. This, in turn, helps in meeting one’s goals, peace of mind and fulfilment.

On the other hand, intelligence is the ability to solve problems. Part of the intelligence comes from learning on particular areas whose problems you need to solve. This stone helps in bringing together all the concepts that you have learnt in the past in such a way that you are able to apply them to solve the issue at hand. One of the famous personalities in history, Leonardo da Vinci used the stone to polish her thinking.

It Provides Serenity

Serenity is all about finding calmness amid storms. The use of this stone helps reduce all forms of anxiety that include restlessness, jittery and tension. If you use it when suffering from anxiety, it helps relax your muscles, lower the blood pressure and improve your breathing so that you feel relaxed and at peace. You can experience these effects by just sitting next to a large geode or holding a tumbled stone.

It Improves Decision-Making

This is one of the best natural stones when it comes to making important decisions in life. Our decisions in life are mostly made using a combination of intuition and emotions. Where emotions take the upper hand, we are less likely to use our common sense and are unlikely to make the best decisions in life. However, the precious stone helps in making decisions that are creative, mature and based on common sense and not just our emotions. It works in cases where the user is in immense pressure or emotionally charged environments by helping one to think clearly and act from a point of information. To tap into this power regularly, most people buy natural stone jewellery with this stone among others.

It is used in Goal-Setting

When setting goals, you need to have a clear mind and determine your direction. Then, you should set goals that are straight, measurable, realistic and achievable. The stone helps in the process by clearing your mind so that you are able to think straight. It also enhances our creativity and enables us to tap wisdom from our higher selves for use in our planning.

It Connects Us to Higher Consciousness

One of the most well-known benefits of using this natural stone is that it can stimulate the third eye and open the crown chakra. Both of these connect us to higher consciousness. When we are in tune with our higher selves, we can tap the universal wisdom that runs across the universe. Higher consciousness, in turn, helps us access our truth and get spiritual resources. With the spiritual resources at hand, you become wiser and less afraid when facing different situations in life. You are also more willing to share this wisdom with the surrounding people. Most people awaken consciousness by sleeping near the stone all night to increase energy while resting.

The impact of amethyst on the physical body

The stone has various benefits to the body, in addition to the mind. Here are some salient ones that users experience.

It Detoxifies Your Body

One of the major body benefits of the stone is that it aids in detoxification. This process happens inside out where it starts with opening the chakras before cleaning of the blood commences. Then, it helps remove all the other toxins from the body. Most people can achieve these effects by placing the stone in their bedrooms or just any room where they spend some substantial amount of time.

It helps Deal with Headaches

Many issues may cause headaches. It could be due to an imbalance of energy in the body, infiltration of negative thoughts, stress, or a physical cause such as sleep deprivation or disease. The use of this stone helps in dealing with the major causes of headaches, chiefly, stress and fatigue. You can alleviate the pain by placing these minerals in the area that you feel pain such as in the case of tension headaches. Once you have placed the stone on the area of pain, close your eyes and imagine the crystal healing the headache. In the case of fatigue, you can lay the stone in the room where you are sleeping and will alleviate the fatigue by the time you are waking up in the morning.

It Helps in Managing Weight

The stone can help in managing weight in several ways. First, it helps increase your metabolism so that you burn more calories. Where you are trying to lose some weight, the stone helps you burn the calories more efficiently than you would do with their regular exercise regime. Besides, with the stone, you can avoid bad habits, which include taking of unhealthy diets and lack of adequate exercise. It improves your understanding of healthy dieting. Most of the athletes carry the stone with them when doing the exercises or during the competitions to increase their energy and help boost their metabolism.

It Helps Promote Hormone Balance

You can use the stone to balance your hormones. Hormonal imbalance is a common problem that most women face at some point in their lives due to various external and internal variables. Men also suffer from hormonal balance. However, this is less known as most do not have physical problems. Hormonal imbalance is responsible for other problems that include acne, PMS, loss of libido, migraines, painful breasts and menstrual cycles that are disrupted, among others.

The use of the stone helps improve the performance of the endocrine system, which is responsible for most of the hormones. It includes several glands such as the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, adrenal glands, parathyroid, pancreas and reproductive glands. You can carry the natural stones with you in the form of jewellery so that they work for an extended period.

Other Physical Issues

You can use the stone for a wide range of other physical issues that include injuries, bruises, eyes, ears and the digestive tract. It also supports the health of your lung and liver. Therefore, you can use the stone to deal with respiratory illnesses such as cold and pneumonia. As for the liver, you can use the stone to get rid of the toxins especially when trying to stop drinking. On the digestive system, the stone helps in the full digestion of food after meals. It also helps in dealing with digestive ailments of the stomach, small and large intestines. You can use it to deal with nausea, indigestion and flatulence, among other ailments.


Fatigue may be caused by strenuous exercises, hard work, mental stress and working under pressure. In the old days, people used to place the crystal into a tub of water and let it rest for a few hours and then bathe with the water. You can still do the same. However, if you do not want to damage the stone, especially if it is part of your jewellery, place it under your pillow or the ready tab


The use of the stone has several physical, mind and spiritual benefits that you can tap by just having the stone. It is one of the precious minerals that offers holistic remedies to various issues. Besides, it does not need additional stones to accomplish most of the benefits indicated above. Just carry it with you or do as per the instructions above to enjoy the full benefits.

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