What makes someone a celebrity these days?

Celebrity is a grandiose ersatz created for the enjoyment of the public. The star thus embodies a myth, an attractive image, but simplified and illusory. Many Internet users have the desire to know how to become a celebrity. The generalities regarding the celebrity factors Glory was, until recently, a slow and mysterious process. Barely two hundred years ago, public men had a secretary in charge of making them stand around in the dark and in secret. Today, these same secretaries use communication science and play the visibility card. And they know all the recipes to increase the reputation.... Despite the changes, there’s still no glory without a producer. You have to ensure that the fire that has just been lit is spreading, that the wind is blowing in the right direction if you want the fire to be planetary. For this, there are arsonists: ideas man, managers, agents.... In practice, they are there from the first hour and will work to amplify the rumor. These are meticulous technicians who must also ensure that this magic, this powerful libido, present on the scene are found entirely in the photos. There is a real know-how to launch a star. Many found with their first producer a real catalyst, in terms not only of success, but also of flourishing their art. This is probably the best definition of the job. From now on, social media are very important to contribute to the celebrity of artists. How to win fame? In general, it's not easy to become a celebrity. Indeed, a producer plays a considerable part in the destiny of the famous person, especially when it was a success, and it will be necessary to find appropriate safeguards. It is easy to understand that the accession to celebrity contains a greater or lesser degree of falsification, and that the projected image of the star is based on artifices. The myth is generated by the careful construction of a legend. Maybe celebrity is first a story of looks and faces. By changing her body and her face, the star definitely gives birth to her double. The famous person is thus born of himself, in a process of self-generation. The ingredients of the celebrity recipe are the extraordinary talent, the immense efforts, the unwavering will and the big pinch of luck. Faced with this random formula, the adjutants have their method: producing a certain number of artists, launching them in the blind and waiting for the fallout. You have to know how to organize chance. Some tips to become famous? Celebrity makes it possible to get some recognition. These relationships can be beneficial in many ways: business, partnership, opportunities. There are a variety of celebrity types: artists, actors, bloggers, novelists, writers, authors, models, philanthropists ... To become famous, you must first choose a domain. Winning fame is too vague. You must be specific in indicating what kind of celebrity you want to become and in what area you want it. If you want to become famous in a field, you will have to work until audiences feel that you are worthwhile to interest them.
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