Our list of the most beautiful female celebrities of the last decade

In general, there are no standards or conventions that give the exact definition of beauty. But it is not difficult to find stylish celebrities.

The most beautiful women in the world of the last decade

Angelina Jolie is one of the female celebrities who have a goddess face and a dream body. She is probably one of the most talented actresses of her generation with her piercing eyes, undeniable charisma, and striking magnetism. With her angelic face and her clear eyes, Margot Robbie captivates the 7th art and seduces the greatest fashion. A fashion revelation, Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, became the new star of the podiums. At 43, Penélope Cruz is always captivating, whether she plays the iconic Donatella Versace or the mistress of Pablo Escobar. With her tangy outfits and her androgynous looks, Janelle Monáe fascinates. This singer puzzles with her beauty, charisma and lightness. She is among the elegant stars.

The most beautiful actresses of the last decade

Emilia Clarke, principalement connue pour son rôle dans la série  Game Of Thrones est fièrement dans le top des plus belles actrices. Eva Mendes is always well dressed and natural. She is a beautiful filmography. In addition to being a respected actress, Eva Mendes is also the face of cosmetic brands. Monica Bellucci is a famous model and actress. She embodies class and Italian beauty. Halle Berry is always beautiful. Model, actress, producer, mom, Halle has had a busy life, with an impressive filmography and very nice awards. Jessica Alba is natural beauty. Actress, model, entrepreneur, she succeeds almost everything she undertakes. Most beautiful celebrities use an eyelash extension to be even more beautiful.

The sexiest singers of the last decade

Lady Gaga, unbridled and limitless, the American singer never goes unnoticed with its extravagant outfits and her extraordinary look. More than just a style, it's a way of life that she has adopted and that transpires in her songs!  Ariana Grande is a star with a yelash extensions class. This singer is very sexy and beautiful. At 24, Miley Cyrus turns all eyes, a charming girl who still has some platinum records and a great cinema experience under his belt! Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the Barbadian diva is an author, composer and performer. She is one of the most productive singers of her generation. Shakira is a sexiest singer. She continues to break our eyes every time she shoots a picture.
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