Celebrity outings: who have been the most stylish stars so far?

All Internet users have the desire to know the elegant celebrities. Every year, People magazine published its top ten best dressed stars on the planet.

Make-up: these stars who only have eyes for XXL eyelashes!

Today, if your eyebrows are not very full, there are several methods to densify them and obtain a beautiful, well arched line. And now it's the same for eyelashes! First of all, you can rely on a good volumizing mascara that will adorn the lashes with a thick and pretty black coat for butterfly lashes deployed to the maximum. But this classic method is no longer enough. For a perfect deer look, our friends the stars opt for false eyelashes. For an evening, an event, a TV set or a red carpet, it-girls of course arm themselves with false eyelashes to enhance their looks. Visit misencil.com/ and learn more information about eyelash extensions. This practice has become a routine for Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Naya Rivera, Eva Longoria, Katy Perry or Selena Gomez. Every morning, the famous make-up artist Mario Dedianovic is in charge of applying false eyelashes to Kim Kardashian, no matter what the rest of the beauty treatment, whether minimalist or sophisticated, Kim does not part with it. For an even more natural result, Kanye West's wife prefers tufts of false eyelashes that can be placed on the eyelid at her convenience, for example, to dress only the ends. And when she knows she won't be with Mario, she goes straight to the eyelash extensions box.

Women in the category of elegant celebrities

Miranda Kerr is one of the stylish celebrities. Divine in the underwear of Victoria's Secret of which she is the ambassador, the Australian supermodel shines as much in ready-to-wear and chained lessons of fashion on her favorite playground, New York. Rihanna closes the march of this podium of the best dressed stars. Adept streetstyle or expert designer outfits, Rihanna retains its superb at all levels. Kim Kardashian, the sulphurous and voluptuous reality TV star has achieved her goal: to show that she could be a woman of taste. Victoria Beckham, the designer is simply her best muse. Jessica Alba, the actress and mom of two girls did not let go. Under the thumb of her stylist Brad Goreski, Jessica Alba has offered a wardrobe that even the greatest fashionistas jealous in secret. Gwen Stefani came back to the fore with No Doubt and the release of their album, Push and Shove. Alexa Chung, impossible not to mention the it-girl, model and TV host who won for the second year in a row the British Style Award. Kate Bosworth, discreet in the dark rooms, the actress literally amazed the Internet users. Kate Moss, a must, the twig continues to amaze them with her effortless attitude and innate chic.

The best-dressed stars according to Vanity Fair magazine

Regarding celebrity outings, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Lady Gaga and Javier Bardem would be among the best-dressed stars on the planet, according to Vanity Fair magazine. In its edition, the magazine publishes its list of stylishly dressed celebrities. Alongside the wife of the French president, eighth in the ranking, the pop star and the beautiful Spanish stallion: Carey Mulligan, Michelle Obama, Samantha Cameron and Diane Kruger. Gwyneth Paltrow won first place, crowning the divine Kate Middleton who had won the award for best-dressed star Vanity Fair and Emma Stone is placed in 3rd position, a winning trio on which there is nothing to complain about. The rest of the ranking is more than surprising. The Kardashian sisters clinched fourth place and thus sit far ahead of Jessica Alba or even Diane Kruger. People magazine obviously has questionable criteria in terms of fashion...

The best dressed male stars: our list of winners

The sense of style is far from being the prerogative of women! Ryan Gosling, David Beckham or Pharrell Williams are the perfect examples. Damian Lewis, unlike his character in Homeland, he knows the answer to the current style question. Ashton Kutcher, from afar, the darling of Mila Kunis is today a real fashion beast. Channing Tatum, in tank top or costume, Channing Tatum is undoubtedly the "sexiest man" on the planet. Christophe Maé, no doubt, everyone can fall in love with the chic and casual look of Christophe Maé. Johnny Depp, film side or look side, he is a fan of originality. Kanye West, even on a ride, Kim's future husband continues to be well dressed! David Beckham, thanks to the advice of Posh, he became a true fashion icon.
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