Who are the richest celebrities?

Most popular artists enjoy great celebrity because of their wealth. Many people want to become famous because they dream of owning celebrity wealth.

How to make a ranking of the richest celebrities?

Empress cosmetics, sports legend or successful animator, American stars have accumulated considerable wealth and got a mighty amount of money.  At the end of 2018, Forbes announced the rich celebrities of the moment. To make its ranking, the magazine takes into account their net income, their shares in companies, their real estate or their works of art. The rankings of musicians, actors, television stars, sportsmen and models, take into account the incomes, the media visibility, the force on the networks and also, for the first time, their marketing impact.

Why are George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rich celebrities?

According to a Forbes ranking, George Lucas is one of the richest celebrities of the year 2018 with a fortune estimated at $ 5.4 billion. The director is at the top of the rankings just in front of movie stars, music or sports. Lucas is also the creator and scriptwriter of the Indiana Jones saga, directed by his friend Steven Spielberg. He also produces other films such as Labyrinthe (1986) and Willow (1988) and television series from these sagas, such as The Adventures of the Young Indiana Jones or Star Wars. In 2012, he sold his production company to The Walt Disney Company and announced that he was officially retiring. Steven Spielberg, with $ 3.7 billion on the clock comes second, just in front of the very famous presenter Oprah Winfrey who wins the third place with $ 2.8 billion. The Forbes ranking of the most successful celebrities in the last twelve months sees director Steven Spielberg come in second. The director of the "Dents de la Mer" has raised nearly $ 100 million since June 2012, thanks to the success of his latest movie, "Lincoln", which has realized box office receipts of $ 275 million for an initial budget of $ 65 million.

Many women are very rich celebrities of the moment

US television host and producer Oprah Winfrey is the world’s most powerful celebrity this year. Six of the top ten in the top 100 most powerful celebrities of the moment are women. She only won $ 2.8 billion, Forbes said. Even if she no longer has her daily television show, she is at the head of a real media empire, with her Oprah Winfrey Network. Before, the second on the list is Lady Gaga who won 80 million; director Steven Spielberg wins a hundred million thanks to his film "Lincoln" which won two Oscars and reported $ 275 million. After two years of absence, Madonna finds her place in the ranking thanks to her income, the highest on the list, at $ 125 million.
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