The most notable celebrity gossips of the last few years

With social media, you can discover several celebrity gossipsBehind the scenes, stars look for ways to avoid gossip. As long as you’re famous, it’ll be easy to gossip about your notoriety. Reputation is in a way the social capital of an individual, and gossiping a currency.

Why gossip about celebrities?

Gossip means a new without guaranteed certainty. The rumor is the oldest media in the world. New communication channels such as social networks and the Internet give the stars gossip a crazy speed of propagation. In college, in the street or on social networks, this uncertain information circulates very quickly. The gossips can be stories, fake news or urban legends. And it's because the rumors are of unknown origin that you have to be wary of them.

The most remarkable gossip in the past

Baywatch's bomb and Mötley Crüe's drummer shook the planet when, in 1997, their private frolic became one of the first viral sex videos on the Internet. The couple recorded this tape in 1995 and put it in a safe, but the chest was stolen by an electrician who worked at home. Porn reported a lot in the 1990s. In just one year, the video would have collected 77 million US dollars. This means everyone has seen it except Pamela who confessed in 2015 that she still had not watched the infamous video. This gossip was very popular.

Other popular gossip on the Internet

In 2016, Kim Kardashian was threatened by two armed men disguised as police officers, in a luxury residence in Paris. She was locked in the bathroom while her assailants looted her jewelry chest. As a result of this traumatic experience, the reality show star is far from the spotlight. Laurie Doucet, whom many have known thanks to her participation in Double Occupation in California, definitely has a penchant for musicians. Sometime after announcing her break with Jean-Marc Couture, the young woman met Justin Bieber at Buonanotte, during her visit to the city in May. Their story of a night went around the globe. Lady Gaga spoke about the rumors surrounding her romance with Bradley Cooper on February 27, 2019. Then, after her separation from Angelina Jolie caused a worldwide outcry, the blond actor was the target of rumors. US media accused him of having an extramarital relationship with Marion Cotillard during the filming of Allies. After decades of waiting, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally been able to get his hands on the coveted golden statuette of Best Actor Oscar in 2016. The actor was indeed rewarded for his performance in the film The Revenant in which he shares the screen with Emmanuel Bilodeau. All these actors are the permanent targets of rumors.
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