What are the most notable dresses of the recent red carpet outings?

The Oscars are also a great moment of fashion and beauty. This is an opportunity for celebrities to wear the most beautiful dresses and jewels on the red carpet.

The real fashion show on the red carpet

On the night of Sunday, February 24, all the biggest Hollywood stars met in Los Angeles to attend the Oscars. One of the most important evenings in the world of cinema, as it aims to reward the best performances of the year. For celebrities, it is also the opportunity to indulge in a real fashion show on the red carpet. Sequined dress, sparkling tuxedo, plunging neckline and evening accessories ... The Oscars ceremony is not just about the big movie festival, it's also a real fashion show. Stars must choose a better eyelash extension to shine with sophisticated beauty. If you are interested in learning more information about eyelash extensions, you can check www.misencil.com. Every year, the creators compete to dress up the stars, so much so that this event would almost compete with the fashion week! Which stylists have dressed the laureates? Lady Gaga made a small infidelity to Versace while wearing a black Alexander McQueen dress, Olivia Colman had chosen an emerald dress signed Prada and Regina King had opted for a white dress created by Oscar de la Renta. But on the red carpet of the edition in 2019, it is the pink, pale or flamboyant, which was omnipresent. But the Oscar for the most original outfit is undoubtedly awarded to Billy Porter: the actor has indeed dared to wear a tuxedo dress or tuxedo dress consisting of a wide black velvet skirt, associated with a jacket and a bow tie.

Celebrities who wear a very remarkable dress

With their celebrity style, the stars of the world of American cinema have donned their best clothes to impress the gallery. As is her manner of doing, Lady Gaga has drawn all eyes on the Oscar red carpet. Nicole Kidman, true to her habit, the actress was one of the most beautiful of the evening. Lupita nyongo, the star of Black Panther was completely sublime. Helen Mirren, everyone loves her dress. It was a living legend. Taraji P. Henson, the star of the popular Empire series, was sexy and glamorous on the red carpet.

The most beautiful colors of the Academy Awards

Powdery pink, fuchsia, scarlet red, magenta, lavender ... The shades of pink and red have swept over the red carpet. Linda Cardellini, nominated for her role in the touching "Green Book", didn’t go unnoticed in her shocking pink asymmetric dress, emblematic of Schiaparelli. Metallic gray and baby blue were also among the colors favored by celebrities. True to Alexander Mc Queen, Lady Gaga appeared in an elegant black sheath dress of the British house. A light makeup and hair pulled in a bun completed this outfit while sober enhanced with glittering jewels.
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