The Fashion Week Guide

Published on : 29 April 20193 min reading time

All fashion addicts swear by it but what is the Fashion Week? What are we doing there? What do we see there? Behind the scenes, Fashion Week dates, Street Style and Instagram accounts to follow, here’s the perfect memento for knowing Fashion Week at your fingertips.

Twice a year, the fashion world turns to the rhythm of Fashion Week.

The presentation of the new Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear collections is a must-attend event for any good fashion addict who respects himself.

How it works? Where are they going? How is it embedded? Here you will find everything you need to know about Fashion Week.

Fashion Week: instructions for use

Fashion Week, what is it? In this file, we first tell you the story of the week of fashion. Where does it come from and how was it born?

More, we reveal all the things that everyone does not know about Fashion Week. Convenient when you have no idea.

Then you find all the dates of Fashion Week. With Haute Couture fashion collections, ready-to-wear fashion collections, summer, winter, London, New York, Paris and Milan, you need a GPS and we understand you.

With all the dates in one article, you’ll have to find it easier.

Catwalk, Fitting, Face Chart, Front Row, because fashion also has its vocabulary, we offer you a little lexicon of the most used words so that Fashion Week is accessible to all.

And then, there are two articles here: one on autumn winter, one on spring summer. Street Styles with fashion trends spotted, new models, wedding dresses or even invited stars, we decode each season all fashion shows.

Behind the scenes of Fashion Week

Fashion Week as if you were, that’s also the purpose of this issue. It’s first follow the good Instagram accounts. From models to fashion designers to people who do not miss any front row, here’s the trick to follow Fashion Week without losing a beat.

On Twitter too, there are also accounts to follow to feel the atmosphere of the shows. For example, Loïc Prigent’s tweets are quilting and hairy. We harvest the best for you.

Models, influencers, creators and celebrities, you will be portrayed the types of people we always see at Fashion Week.

And then, to get more and more behind the scenes, we take you with us, behind the scenes of Fashion Week.

Spend a day with a fashion model, a makeup artist, a designer like Jean-Charles de Castelbajac or a fashion editor? Your dream is realized.

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