Stars who defend ethical fashion

Published on : 29 April 20193 min reading time

That’s it’s decided, you will put yourself in the ethical fashion. You were already asking a lot of questions but watching the documentary The True Cost ended up convincing you. You are tired of participating in the ravages of fast-fashion and you want to wear clothes and accessories respectful of men and the planet.

So to find inspiration in your new responsible approach, you can follow the advice of responsible fashion bloggers. But also let yourself be inspired by these stars who have decided to defend ethical fashion. Because, not all of the celebrities choose a luxury unreasoned, some celebrities are even essential as important ambassadors of an eco-responsible lifestyle, including in their dressing room.

Emma Watson

Well, let’s be honest, Emma Watson is a bit of a favorite with Natives. Since Harry Potter, the actress stands out for her feminist positions and her fight for women’s rights. In 2014, she became a goodwill ambassador to the UN and made a keynote speech on gender equality. In 2016 she even launched a feminist reading club open to all. And today she is attacking another fight, that of the ethical fashion. On the occasion of her tour for the release of Beauty and the Beast, she launched an account instagram containing all these promotional outfits, made entirely of ethical pieces: a great spotlight for a bunch of beautiful brands involved.

Marion Cotillard 

The French actress has long shown her commitment to the environment and uses her notoriety to educate the general public to this cause. She is often seen wearing clothing from the Ekyog brand, known for its ethical and ecological commitment. But it is also a customer of the first hour of the Veja sneakers, which she puts forward on her account instagram. In 2015 she even launched her first jewelry collection with Chopard, made from stones with irreproachable origins. During these appearances in Cannes, she also participates in the Green Carpet Challenge launched by the following star…

Livia Firth

An emblematic figure in the documentary True Cost, Livia Firth is also its producer. If you’ve seen it, we bet that his punch-lines against fast-fashion will have you scored. And this fight she leads since 2009, creating Eco-Age, a consulting agency that accompanies brands towards a more eco-responsible approach. This pioneer of ethical fashion can also rely on the network of her husband, actor Collin Firth to educate Hollywood celebrities to his cause.

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